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  07-07-2020, 02:07 PM

Hello GK while playing on your siege server i have come across a player named homosexual peasant. So i was wondering if i could create a character named Lesbian_fill in the blank.

I would not. I personally think homosexual_peasant is pushing the rules. The name isn't strongly charged by and of itself; but it does passively flaunt the limit of the rules. There is a practically unlimited set of creative names to choose from that are much less provocative. While the name itself can be worn with some respect, not all would read it that way. It is reasonable to expect that at some point some troll would point to these names to justify their action.

A story was once relayed to me where some people were asking a superior how far they could go under the rules. His reply was that the idea of a rule was misunderstood. On one side they do exist to punish wrongdoing. But following them should be seen as avoiding breaking them more than having a fine understanding of the boundary.
We'll let the Chief Admins answer this officially, but our admins (I am one) are trained to disallow hate speech and the like. It is not our position that the word homosexual by itself is hateful. Be respectful of the rights of others with your names and speech, and you will not have problems.

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