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  07-09-2020, 05:49 PM

Forum Boards Cleanup
So with the recent Teamspeak clean up of the general games I've decided to do the same for the forums. That being said, we'll be removing the KPR and Regulators section that I completely forgot existed. Hell the only post in those sections for 2015 is a spam post that I haven't even noticed until now because the section is so deserted.

The primary reason for this clean-up is to update the Other Games section. A few of those aren't used anymore/never been used(*cough*Rust*Cough*)

Use this thread to post any suggestions for games I should add, try to limit it to games that could benefit from a forum section or have regular traffic.

[Image: o5eSRUd.png]
Thanks Wolflo. It looks a lot cleaner already!

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Why not rename "Other Games" to General Games and make it a top level selection instead of a subforum of General Chat?
What should we do with the other channels in General Chat then? Or are you just saying we should just turn Other games into it's own board?

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Just the board. TS is fine
oh i get what you mean and like the idea. especially since it does get some unique traffic and it would be useful for small independent groups that wish to start up but arent exactly Full section board material

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Double Post! I've implemented Veni's idea which works out well.

Let me know what other game child boards would be nice to add!? Any other category works too.

If i were to make a 'Sales' section would people remember to post steam/GoG/Humble sales there?

Do people want a World of Tanks board??

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I don't know that we post enough WoT info, even though it is often played, to warrant a WoT sub-board.

If that changes, I'll PM you or something about that (or anyone willing to organize WoT stuff will).
You have Valkyres Crusade so why not Hearthstone?

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(07-13-2015, 04:03 AM)Alice Wrote:  You have Valkyres Crusade so why not Hearthstone?

Im not against it but im not sure how much traffic it would get since ive hardly ever seen it brought up here on the forums.

Would anyone else be interested in a Hearthstone child forum? I only play HS every few months so I wouldnt be able to contribute much.

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