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  07-08-2020, 07:00 AM

About Recent Events
Alright, As most or all of you know the recent events regarding one of the players in our community Juxx.

I will not go into detail because it will take to long to type. If you do want it in detail please feel free to PM me and ask and I will provide you with the details.

Below is my Official Statement regarding this matter.

To make a long story short

Juxx ruined 1+ weeks worth of work on minecraft by betraying his fellow players claiming "Its minecraft no one cares" which really isn't an excuse to be a dick.(to those who don't know a lot about miencraft what juxx did is compared to TKing in GK with not a single care in the world.)

Juxx then was involved in assisting another player get around his ban on TS(previously telling this player how he gets around bans using proxy) (I will also note that it is because of this I have not been able to ban him juxx in the past)

The two events above are things that I MYSELF do not want, and although I cannot speak for the Lords of GK, or the new Minecraft group but Drama like this REALLY pisses me off.

My response was to ban juxx from LoR. He no longer has any access to public channels in LoR as well as Forums.

Now I know what you all saw regarding his actual ban from the forum. I will say for the record I DID NOT APPROVE OF THAT! Chemich was the one responsible for the ban and the comments. I know what most of you think "That was completely out of line."

I agree that it was out of line, but how juxx responded is what finally made me approach the lords of GK. Chemich I can deal with cuz I know he will listen when I talk to him. What juxx did was basically use the ban as a sympathy machine INSTEAD of coming right to me about this abuse of someone's admin which would have been dealt with immediately but instead, yes he decided to create yet MORE drama we don't need.(More about Chemich below)

The Lords of GK agreed that Juxx's Ban from LoR will stand, but he will be treated like any other guest playing on GKs server. If juxx decides to qq anymore, create anymore drama, or do anything to get around his current ban from LoR which I hear about or have to get involved again. I will ban him no questions asked. The only thing I will provide is proof(logs screenshots) to the GK Lords.

Now as for Chemich's Comment. Yes I agree it was out of line, cruel, and I heard many demands for him to apologies. We are not a grade school on this community. I am not forcing him to apologies when I know 100% that he is not afraid to say what he thinks and ALWAYS stands by it. He does not like kids and people who act like they are 12 or younger, and I am sorry but as far as Juxx and Cowpies go, a majority of the time they both act like they are 12. Which is why Cowpies is banned atm.

Chemich has lost any sort of power of banning or kicking people out of anything without my approval. He has accepted this quietly and appropriately.

Cowpies ban is temporary. This option was discussed and did not have enough support from the Lords of GK to repeat to juxx. As I stated above, juxx will be perma banned if he does anything else, and before any of you tell me I am being unjust I have known juxx a LOT longer than most of the members in GK, and I have probably played games with him a lot longer as well. I have always been very kind as far as telling him to shut up, and kicking him out when he pisses off the group(not just me).

I am trying to get more clans to join LoR and the drama Juxx has created is not going to exactly reel them in. Neither is what chemich has done going to help any. I will not let 1 insignificant person who is not even in our community make other potential clans turn away. Juxx has never officially been in this community, he applied to GK and was denied for things that are his own fault. He has been banned from the community.

This Topic will be locked as there is no discussion and there is no debate. The logs provided to me and the other Lords of GK weighed heavily against him and no proof was provided to support him. The matter is now officially closed.

This topic will be deleted on Tuesday August 8th.

If you have any questions NOT more debates about this please feel free to PM me directly as this post is closed.

Let us move past this and return our lives to normal.


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