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  02-20-2020, 02:04 AM

GK DeathMatch (DM) and TeamDeathMatch (TDM) Servers
It has been requested that the general public be informed as to the reasons behind our recent changes to both the GK DM and GK TDM Servers:

A number of you will have noticed the demise of the GK DM Server and the reduction of population cap on the TDM Server.  These actions were decided upon and implemented by the leadership within GK and, while linked to each other in some manner, were each the result of a separate decision process.

First, the DM Server was removed as, for the most part, it was simply a source of frustration and myriad complaints.  While designed to be a "free for all" environment, it did not work out that way.  Most times, our research and feedback revealed that it was a venue where organized groups (vice ad hoc and/or temporary co-assistance) would enter to dominate against individuals.  While we were certain that this provided a wonderful venue for the entertainment of those groups, it flew in the face of server intent and, as such, became more of a problem than it was worth.  Equally, it was acknowledged that we already provided the public with a TDM server, so why bother with a "de facto" second of the same.

Second, the TDM Server, while popular, was felt to be a major obstruction/detraction from our primary server:  Siege.  Once again, while we provide both to the public without cost, we decided that most of our efforts and resources should be directed in support of Siege.  As a test measure, we have reduced the player cap to its current level of 30.  We will see where it goes from there.

Once again, GK is pleased and proud to provide the WB community with a venue where nubs and l33ts alike are welcome to play, as long as they do so with respect for each other and within our rule sets.  It must be remembered, however, that, at times, the impetus for our provision of those services rests with the needs of the GK first, followed closely by our desire to serve the public at large.

We trust that this post clarifies the GK perspective on our server choices and that, even it you do not agree with them, will continue to play on and enjoy WB along with us!

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