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  10-14-2019, 02:54 AM

Smashmas #3 Brackets and Rules
Hello Everyone!

Kr8dle, Theo and I have consorted to finalize a lot of the Tourney details.

Important: If you do not sign up in either thread by 7:30 EST on Sat 19, you will not be eligible for the prize. You may sign your friends up.

Server: US_GK_Smashmas
Password: "smashmas"
Gold: 1500 without any extra available
Speed: Medium
Module: NeoGK/Native
You must be on TS and able to hear other people to participate. The address is ts3.gkserver.us

Duel Format/Factions:
At the sponsors bequest, unlike previous years we will not be allowing only two factions, Instead different factions will be used for each class of fighting. The server will swap factions/duel modes about every 7-10 minutes at most. Expect things to move on by 7 minutes. If for some reason this fails we will probably go back to Vaegirs v Swads for everything.
Melee: Nords v Rhodoks
Ranged: Vaegirs v Rhodoks
Mounted: Nords v Sarranids

Each class will get three fights. You will fight 9 times total. The scheduler (me) will need to know your how many times you won in each category. I would prefer to be given this info via TS Poke or steam message.
Semifinal rounds will be allowed 5 fights/category. The final will allow 7 fights/category.

Duel Rules:

1. You may choose either faction in each category. You do not have to be a different faction from your opponent. You do not have to stay in the same equipment get up or faction for all three fights. You are expected to stay in the appropriate class. (Inf/Archer/Cav) You may use NeoGK equipment. You may not use ranged weapons as Cav or Inf.

2. You are allowed to agree on a practice round or two or to discount a poor match, but please remember the server may need to move on. Both duelists are expected to agree.

3. Ranged duelists are expected to carry only 1 stack of ammunition. Duels will start after both players say ready in all chat to allow time to get to cover. You may not melee rush until after 1 minute of fighting.

4. Mounted duelists lose the round if dismounted.

5. Duelists are allowed to choose the zone in which they fight. The agreement must be mutual and the area sufficiently large. Avoid overlapping each other. Once a zone is being used consider it closed until the map resets for the next round of combat. i.e. first come first serve.

6. Arbitrators/Refs cannot be provided for everyone all the time. I will be freakishly busy managing brackets and the server. This hasn't been a problem in the past and I would like to keep things honorable and gentlemanly/womanly.

7. The winner of a dueling pair will be whoever wins the majority of the fights (5/9 or more, 8/15, 12/21). Please fight all rounds. New opponents will be assigned at the end of the archery round/start of the infantry round.

8. Rules are largely the same if we have to move to Vaegirs v Swadia without rotating factions/foci.

Bracket Info:
The bracket system I use is a bit weird. The bracket everyone starts in looks "normal" until there is one person left. If you lose a round in the starting bracket you drop to the first consolation consolation bracket in the round you came from. This way the upper consolation round will run at the same time as the second round of the main bracket. You lose there you go to the lower consolation bracket. The winner of the main bracket will defend from the winner of the upper consolation for the main prize. etc.
I will be there to do a door prize, might even have some more games kicking around for some other handouts

If I can't make it for whatever reason I will contact someone to do it in my place
(12-19-2015, 09:32 AM)JaXm Wrote:  I will be there to do a door prize, might even have some more games kicking around for some other handouts

If I can't make it for whatever reason I will contact someone to do it in my place

Thanks Jaxey bear
Yw krady boo

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