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  02-20-2020, 02:03 AM

Steam Warning - Important
Hey guys, steam was acting up for me today for a while, then I noticed this article -

Highlights that are important you should know about:

Update: Some users are now reporting being able to log back into Steam, but are finding themselves logged-in to someone else's account when they do so. According to multiple user reports, if you are logged-in as another user, you are able to view their credit card information, account balance and account name. Hundreds of users have reported issues over on the Reddit post - along with an official moderator claiming that Valve are working on these issues

Valve is now recommending that you do not log-in to any Steam website, app or community system until this issue is resolved. Steam Moderator indigenousOres said

As a precaution, Valve has now disabled access to the Steam Store and community features, to try and limit the amount of personal information that has been freely available.
Hot damn, that's crazy. One can only wonder how this happened.

[Image: NIAjtfg.png]
For those who haven't heard, it should be fine now. An explanation of what happened plus a link to Valve's press release is here: https://steamdb.info/blog/recent-caching-issues-on-steam/

In short: your account should be fine.

Nevertheless, if you're still concerned and you have financial information stored in Steam, you can always just keep an extra close eye on your statements. Traditionally hackers charge small amounts (usually less than $1.00) to see if the owner of the account will notice. If the card doesn't get closed, then they'll sell it. Going price in December 2014 for a full identity (including name, dob, address, security question answers, and card info) was $4 for Visa/Mastercard. I haven't checked it since then... and I don't recommend you go looking for those websites either for obvious reasons.

So yea, your identity is worth $4. Don't you feel so loved?

I bet I could get at least $5. So there!

[Image: NIAjtfg.png]
While this wouldn't have exactly prevented a weird glitch like this, if you can, always go for the extra authentication for anything that you can.

Gmail, Facebook, Steam, etc. all offer you the ability to require both a password and code sent via phone or email when someone attempts to log into your account on a new device. I had an old password and my email dumped from a hack of a service that I use, I went ahead and changed my password everywhere that I could remember, but having the extra authentication step is good piece of mind. Hell, I've even caught a few times of someone trying to log into an account of mine only to get locked out.

(12-26-2015, 08:38 PM)chainsawpunisher Wrote:  I bet I could get at least $5. So there!

I just sold my credit card information for $5.50, whose laughing now!?
What does it mean when a Nigerian prince adds you on Steam?
(12-30-2015, 04:25 PM)Lord_Romulus Wrote:  What does it mean when a Nigerian prince adds you on Steam?

You're about to get rich cry.

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