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  02-20-2020, 02:03 AM

GK Stack
Wow that's a lot of GK and friends on TS! Looks like it was great!

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Lots of fun as always, I believe we peaked at 96 players on the server with around 26 people, on average, with GK. Thank you LBJ for organizing it and thanks Leo for getting the pop Kickstarted right before the event.

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Good event guys. Smile
This was fun. Thank you LBJ for organizing it and all the admins for their hard work!
Glad everyone enjoyed it, good turnout for a Wednesday night and short notice. If I host this again I'd plan a week in advance and maybe do it on the weekend instead. Open to criticism too, anything you'd like to see done differently or ideas that could make it more fun next time don't hesitate to post.

Big thanks to all the admins ensuring it went smoothly, GK members, DoF, Chessclub, and everyone else who participated.

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It was a fun and good event but please don't make us Saranids again. Also, if you put bowmen defenders against xbow attackers when the defenders are at lower pop, it's going to highlight the disparities between xbows and bows. I couldn't do the same kind of damage as a vager bowman on Dragonstone as I would've liked. Although I admit vager bowman can be very powerful, they need to kind of reach a critical mass, otherwise the odd vager bowman is going to receive a sniper bolt when they stop moving to take a shot.

One thing to think about in the future is having a map that favors cavalry, just to see how a stack would work out with massed cav. Attacking Stonehenge would've been cool to try out but not sure if it'd be fun in actual practice.
Oh man, I'm all in for Stonehenge.

Rock fort or bust. Swads on D vs Nid attackers. GK defends. I would put us 30 vs 70 hands down win

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(01-14-2016, 12:22 PM)LBJ Wrote:  If I host this again I'd plan a week in advance and maybe do it on the weekend instead. 

A friday or saturday at 8pm EST for example....  Angel

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Aide toi, le ciel t'aidera.
Hey guys, just wanted to say big thanks for the invite and hosting the event!

Here's the first (of two) videos I recorded of the event:


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