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  07-07-2020, 03:52 PM

GK PW Faction Event
WHEN: Friday 3/18/16 @ 8PM EST 
WHERE: Persistent World MB Mod

Alright everyone. We have been starting up on PW again now that there is a decent server being run. Alot of us have been playing it lately but I think it is time for an official GK presence to be shown. 

So, we will be running a GK faction on Friday. Please Read the Rules

***Wear your GK tags with pride!***

If you want to go in and do crafting, serfing, etc that is fine. But our main focus will be the fighting aspect of the mod. We will hopefully engage in several good sized wars and bring back tons of loot!

Throughout the day, I will be serfing and crafting our castle to prepare it for this event. I will also be able to supply gold to any newcomers to the mod as well.

You are free to choose whatever class or gear you want. The only thing I ask is to follow orders. If we say all rally to this castle, I expect to see everyone at that castle and not fighting eachother somewhere else!

Normal rules apply for this event, follow the code of conduct, no teamkilling, etc.

Note: This is not a GK server so their rules on racism, etc are very non-existant. Please do not encourage or participate in any such things, nor should you call them out on it. Just ignore it

Hope to see you all there!
Am A wIzUrD

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I'm a cow riding a horse.
Will the GK faction be open to public players? I haven't played PW in a while, but I wouldn't mind doing some serfing or smithing in a good faction.
Yea it will be open
(03-17-2016, 12:52 PM)JaXm Wrote:  Yeah it will be open.

Fixed. You forgot to end the sentence with a period JaXm and it's "Yeah". :^)
Sounds fun then, I will probably be there. My usual character name is Siri in PW.
Good event guys got over 100k froma single guy LOL! Big Grin
Yes, it was fun. Don't forget that it was I who opened the Vorn castle gate so that you guys could retake your faction.

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