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  02-23-2020, 10:29 PM

Extended Downtime - Server Migration
This coming weekend on Saturday all servers will be down for an undetermined amount of time. I am migrating everything away from the current VPS in NYC to a full dedi located in Chicago.
GK pricing will remain the same for now, possibly lowered once I balance the load out a bit and see what GK will be needing resource wise.

Pings will obviously change for people. I have found though the Chicago location to be much more stable and reliable of a connection. I actually have a ping of about 20-30ms to Chicago and 40-50ms to NYC. I live in upstate NY, so work out that logic. Pings for EU players will increase by an estimated 10-30ms. Not as big of a concern now that most EU players are playing on EU servers these days. Pings will lower for our West coast players also.

All in all, there really are no cons to doing this move. 

*UPDATE* - All server have been migrated to the new box this morning Sunday 8AM. TS3 IP info needs to be updated on the portal page to show the TS3 stats
Sweet deal! I'm guessing NFO will still be our server host? Just asking in case I want to donate, they made it pretty easy to do so.

[Image: eaqogw.png] [Image: 76561198018913673.png]
Oh man, this means I might get a better ping!

Rip my 15 ping
Population has been pretty low today. Wonder if the move made TDM appear slower on server list or something.
(08-21-2016, 11:56 PM)Rubbing Wrote:  Population has been pretty low today. Wonder if the move made TDM appear slower on server list or something.

i can't found the server on the master list, but there's players on the server, so i think so :/
Server is completely empty right now... Never seen that on a Sunday night. I hope people start finding it again soon.
Just tried getting on myself... 0 pop =(
It is known with warband the servers that have more traffic will appear faster on the list... Since this is a fresh server, it shows up almost dead last.... Servers show in the master list and can connect to them fine, just need to keep it popped for people to find it again faster
Is the server up right now? It wasn't appearing on the list for me at all a few minutes ago.

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