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  08-11-2020, 09:26 PM

GK Update
This has been a long time coming.

  • Because of insufficient leadership volunteers the clan has been temporarily restructured.
  • Chief Admins have been separated from the Lords.
  • Chief Admins only have emergency powers outside CA stuff. The clan will need to approve anything big.
  • Interim Chief Admins were appointed, or approved. Myself, CD, Hodor, Arilyn, and Matheld
  • Lords and Nobles have been abolished. (Sorry Spar, thats what we voted for, but I doubt anyone minds you being an honorary lord for the time being)
  • Rhapsodos is still handling applications and policy threads.
  • Don't worry about promos. If you have been around for a month and somewhat active you can vote.
The Khergits.

Based on the poll the chief admins decided to re-add khergits to rotation with half the frequency of appearance. I am still making this happen. Should be within three weeks.

TDM Changes

Population has been raised to 100
Round time is now 25 minutes instead of 2 hours

A mapping group is sorta functioning again. Please PM or steam message me if you would like in.
To those who are stepping up to keep things up and running, thank you!

[Image: meWCZmj.png][Image: 9CsjuZz.jpg]
I can't believe where this clan has gone, but again thank you for keeping us alive. I am honoured to be part of gk. Thank you

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