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  10-19-2018, 08:15 AM

tdm - Snowblind
The map doesn't have a 0 entry point, but I can't tell much of a difference in spawn locations after adding it and playing with bots.

I'm not sure how Warband decides where to spawn players in TDM.  I thought it did proximity checks and spawned players at entry points close to teammates or far away from enemies, not based strictly upon the entry point numbers.  Official maps don't have that kind of spawning as spawn flipping is possible on maps like Arena and Port Assault.  

Here's how the spawns are currently placed in the map, which is probably why it feels like everybody is spawning into random chaos:
[Image: snowblind_b3_spawns01.png]  
Should I instead cluster the spawns closer together instead of having them spread roughly evenly throughout the map?  That might give people some breathing room.

Also, I'm sure the size of the map versus the potential player count has some effect as well.  I made this map back in March when the server was capped at 40 or whatever and sat on it until last month, so it was designed with that playerload in mind.  It is roughly the size of Arena without the relatively safe and clustered spawn points.  I'm going to work on an XL version that includes the castle interior which might alleviate this a little.
(10-11-2016, 03:14 PM)hiporcat Wrote:  it's 0-31 and 32-63 for team spawns. 64 is some kind of objective flag i think.

My bad, I thought it went to 64 for some reason. Coulda sworn I read that somewhere.

Looking at your map Connor, I would say clusters would work better than how it is now. There are spots on there where it looks like people are spawning nearly adjacent to each other, which can create some fun situations, but if it happens too often it can be really frustrating (picture spawning next to 3 or 4 enemies and they put an axe through your head before you can even react, then you respawn and the same thing happens again).

You could try also doing a mix of clustering and intermingled if you don't want to give up how it is now, that might alleviate some of the stress so teams have places to fall back to but still keep some spots exciting and engaged. Just my 2 cents, some of the more experienced mapmakers might have different opinions.
There are 64 total spawns. Computer and digital systems count the zero.

I would put the team's entry points on opposite ends of the map. Specifically the north and south ends. Lay them out in a line along the back edge of the forest close to the barrier, so they don't get people spawn killing from behind. Place them right behind the tree trunks, so AFK people are somewhat covered from arrows. Add clusters of physical cover, over sized bushes, or low growing trees where many people spawn in one spot.

Over sized bushes, low trees, and other visual cover make the map more accessible to shield-less players.

The Hyrcan Tiger
Has the map been updated yet?
Added stone ruins to the other side to balance the map out.

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The Hyrcan Tiger
Snowblind and I have unfinished business.  Before I disappeared for a year or so I had been working on an improved version that had courtyard access and better spawning but of course never released it, so I appreciate the effort that hiporcat did to make it playable on the server.  Unfortunately, the map does not play the way I intended and I don't think the current version is very good or that many people like playing it.  It was never intended to have fixed spawns and I did not forsee how cavalry-dominated it can be.  

With that in mind I have been working on a new version.  I have added more hard cover, fences, and steepened some slopes into small ridges to make things harder for cavalry.  The castle courtyard is accessable and there's a little more going on in there.  The spawns are more spread out to better use the entirety of the map.  Hopefully these changes will make it more fun for everyone.

[Image: snowblind_b5_overview.png]

[Image: snowblind_b5_01.png]
View from the top area.

[Image: snowblind_b5_02.png]
View from the bottom area.

[Image: snowblind_b5_03.png]
Castle courtyard.

[Image: snowblind_b5_04.png]
Area near the destroyed inn.

[Image: snowblind_b5_05.png]
The central path is flatter but surrounded by steeper hills.

The skybox remains the same.  Please don't use fixed spawns!

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.sco   scn_multi_scene_snowblind.sco (Size: 342.9 KB / Downloads: 1)
If this helps with the spawn killing by cavalry I think it will be a nice change.

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