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  08-11-2020, 09:09 PM

GK PW Server Coming Soon
(02-25-2017, 04:52 PM)radrikanjanis Wrote:  i may get into this. i never did PW...how does it differ?

It's completely different from Native.

Basically, there is a large map with several castles controlled by factions. There are different player classes (working classes, crafting classes, and fighting classes). The workers get resources for the castles. The crafters use the resources to create weapons, armor, and horses. The fighting classes defend or attack castles, protect members of their own faction, rob/kill members of other factions, etc. Workers and craftsmen get paid for selling resources and crafting, but fighters only get paid from looting or by being paid from their faction leaders. You need money to train into different classes and to buy tools, food, weapons, armor, and horses.
Rad, in addition to what Rubbing said, all of your character information is saved serverside; therefore, your stats (which are determined entirely by 'class'), gold, and items are all kept the same between log-ins. It also adds a few systems to allow you to do things like take armour from corpses and give gold between the living.

Beyond that, it's an open-world MMO like any other with the exception that PvP is always set on between all players; you're never in a state of PvE or 'safe' mode. This is usually addressed by rules deciding when you can attack other players (generally with some cause such as an insult or theft).

The system can be a bit clunky because it's making use of Warband for something outside its intended purpose, but overall it works well.

My biggest gripe with it is that if the adminning is not up to par the mod goes from great to trash in an instant. I think GK can handle it better than most though.
Usually it breaks down into everyone walking up to everyone else and going 'your money or your life' and/or rdming people.

I say that only half joking. I've played it, left, and come back to it several times. It can be pretty fun, but you kinda have to be willing to put up with shitty people every now and again. I would totally recommend trying it out, but don't expect action like you get in native. sometimes I've gone several days without conflict in it (which is fine by me, I just like to craft the weapons), other times every idiot with a pointy object is trying to stab you for a couple denaris.

Basically it (depending on what type of PW server) can be very role play oriented. Some are about serious non-stop roll playing, others are about hanging out with your faction (usually around 6 to a map, I think, plus bandits and neutral) and planning on how you want to take down an enemy faction while allying with other factions on the map, and less about building up a role play narrative. It is a huge change of pace from native. Only way to really get a feel for it is to play it; there are many guides that can be found on taleworlds or googling that will tell you the basics, and many people here would probably be willing to help you or give you information too.

You tend to start as a peasant in a neutral area with a hand ax for chopping wood. Chop some some trees, sell the materials, save up to get a better class and some equipment. Everything from armor to weapons to horses has to be bought off money earned on the server. Then you can (usually) join a faction by paying for training in a faction's base, that faction will generally not treat you like shit, and their enemies or whoever they are at war with will harass you or kill you on sight. It sounds complicated but it's not really too difficult.

[Image: Derpy-Lavalamp-Gif.gif]
Server is up for debugging/testing


Feel free to roam around and test out the scripts functionality... Alot of the stuff and settings will be tweaked though keep in mind. Looking for bugs only at this point.
I logged in for an hour or so today and tried a lot of things. The commands, crafting rewards, xp/level system, and all of the basic PW stuff worked fine. I did not encounter any bugs at all.
i downloaded 4.4.....where is 4.5?
its still not letting me join...says i have the wrong module for the server...
Yea I doubt there will be any bugs with the scripts to be honest...

The main debugging will come when I put the finished map up for testing. When I do, I will be dedicating a night for testing it.

Preliminary plan for Wed night 8PM or so to do full map testing
i changed the label under modules to 4.5 and now its letting me play...lol. not that i have any idea what to do

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