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  08-14-2020, 08:04 AM

NeoGK update
Hello Everyone,

We have been testing neogk post the new Taleworlds patch for a couple weeks now. It is working pretty well and we will be making it easier to download.

Firstly a huge shout out to KingArthur from the TG group and RubbingMyAxe for helping with the transition.

Mapping is back up and running. Its taking about 3 days to get turnaround on map testing which is faster than normal. Just don't spam me with maps and it will stay that fast. (I can handle about 3 a week.)

As for module changes:

Rubbing is adding a cavemen event.

We have a siege players board up.

Players stats will be becoming a thing.

As for server changes:

We will be trialing some changes to the gold system. Namely easier gold gain but lower starting funds.

We will likely trial running TDM in the CTF game mode. TDM and CTF are indistinguishable except for the option to attack/defend the flag. That is an OPTION. So if I get whines about TDM not being teams killing each other anymore, its the complainer's problem. You don't have to change what you do. People will be spawning in the same places at the same rates. They will still be trying to fight just about everywhere. You just have a bit of an incentive to work as a team to crush the other team in a new way. Think of it as an enhanced roleplay opportunity.

The server rules are probably going to see an overhaul. This is just a heads up to expect it within a month or so. The content of the rules won't be changing just the way they are handled/written. The supreme clan overlord JaXm wants them to be simpler.

The most recent version is here: mega:#!n4g3yQgb!no-F3FQwKbgQXEyaA6m9HbK1yS-jFxCluWtrRBrWVlg
Big thanks to you Veni, Rubbing, King Arthur, Jaxm, and everyone else who made this possible. The new tdm maps are all fun as hell, been hearing lots of positive feedback.. keep em comin mappers!

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