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  08-15-2020, 04:45 AM

I think it's time to re-poll the Khergit Khanate
It's been MONTHS since the Khergit Khanate was removed due to "popular vote". If I had known about this vote, I would have voted to NOT remove an entire faction from the game. Perhaps its time for a re-poll?
My biggest problem with them is that they kill the server too often.
i want khergits back!
We could do Khergs vs Khergs from time to time. Only way I see it not killing the population.

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I also want Khergits back.
Here's my issue with the khergit debate- many people say they want them back because they like playing as them. I see no issue with that. My question is, how many of you truthfully enjoy playing against khergits?

Playing against khergits on a closed map= stomp by almost every other faction, infantry and ranged wise. Khergit archers have the worst accuracy in the game, and the infantry (unless they have neogk) lack both decent shields and 2h weapons, and their best 1h weapon is only marginally better than the vaiger butter knife.

Playing against khergits on an open map= might be a stomp, might not be, as there are other factions whose cav can stand up khergits. The large issue in this situation becomes the constant roving hoards of horse archers, who are difficult to kill in most any situation, unless either a.) you're a good shot, or b.) the horse archer is incredibly stupid and runs right onto your weapon. Not to knock the esteemed population of TDM, but there aren't likely to be enough good shots in the server to keep the horse archer population down.

This being said, I have no issue with rolling them out every now and then for events, or on specific maps with a balance that could go either way. I do not support putting them back on the server as a regularly rotated faction, because despite what the 20 man minority claim, the occurrence of khergits almost always causes server pop to drop, or at least stagnate, which is particularly troublesome when the population is just starting to build up in the afternoon.

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Almost every faction has a gimmick:

Khergit: Horse archers.
Rhodok: Farmers and roaming pike parties.
Vaegirs: Sun-blotting arrow spam.
Swadia: Great sword and lance spam.
Sarranid/Nord: tossup.

I want Khergits back in just for variety, lessening the chances of the same one faction appearing over and over again. It's no fun fighting Vaegirs 4 maps in a row.

Also for Khergits getting stomped, Nords get stomped almost every map they're in and nobody says anything lol. With Khergits back in, Nords go from being the worst to the 2nd worst; they can definitely win for once on closed maps against Khergits.
While Khergits would add variety, I think their problems outweigh their benefits. The topic of archers and class limits is already a hotly debated topic, throw khergits in on TDM and the whining about archers will only increase. For those who think they want Khergits ask yourself if you like squaring off against veagirs on a semi open map, then imagine that they can get on horses and fire bows and be much more mobile. That there is the problem, Khergits would be fine if everyone didn't automatically be a horse archer. 

For one, fighting a team full of horse archers is annoying, second, it isn't very fun for people playing khergits as well, this has shown to decrease the population of TDM everytime they come on. Also, this wouldn't solve the problem of certain factions being played several times in a row. People will now notice that Khergits and Veagirs get played several times in a row.

So yes, the four original factions have their strengths, however another faction generally holds a counter to those strengths. With Khergits there isn't a meaningful counter to horse archery (Historically this was the case as well if you look at Ghengis Khan.) 

Nords are not the worst faction either, people on TDM just don't play to Nord strengths. Everyone goes 2 handed axe and of course you're going to get ripped apart by Cav and Ranged weapons. Nords should be equipping themseves with Shields, Throwing Weapons, Spears, and Axes for Infantry. Cav with Javlins to harass, and using Archery as well and be mobile and raid/skirmish. The fact that people play what they want to play isn't a reflection on factions themselves.

All in all, some people want Khergits back, yes. I'm willing to bet those same people will be crying to remove Khergits before long if they do return. I do like to state I don't personally have a problem with Khergits, but I haven't been blind to the issues they have caused on TDM.

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I personally noticed that the return of khergits seemed positive for the server. Player numbers were up. Whines were down.

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