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  10-19-2018, 05:42 PM

Banned again, clarification please
Name: Cute_Ruthless_Bitch
When: March 15th, around 10-11 at night
Server: TDM

Got perma banned again. While you can consider this an appeal, I understand based on my past behavior that you may not want to unban me. I’m doing this to get an official explanation of my ban to be honest. While I understand I have broken the rules, it seems I’m just immediately perma banned, with no warnings, no kicks, and I’ve still never been temp banned. I understand that I’ve used bigoted language, but they have all clearly been in jest and in my opinion never targeted to offend other players. In the case of my ban I casually said “stfu f*g,” to a player who kept arguing with the admins about using the f*g word. Obviously against the rules, yet also clearly joking when examined in context. I am particularly concerned about this because I’ve seen players going on racist tirades and often are just warned, if they keep it up kicked, and then are finally banned if their behavior persists. Im not sure the reasoning but I do feel unfairly ostracized and would appreciate a little clarity on my treatment.    Also, same when I was trolling player Donald Trump, when I came on disguised as him and thought it would be funny to drop an N bomb to get him kicked. Obviously not ok and justifiably bannable, but not particularly toxic compared to other things I’ve seen in chat. And in that case the admin wasn’t even aware of it, and I apologized since he told me Donald Trump had already been banned in the time I changed my name to troll him. The admin said my actions were bizarre yet did not discipline me or warn me and accepted my honesty I guess. I would like to officially apologize to any players I might have offended, and hope they realize that nothing I’ve said comes from any personal animosity towards them or their backgrounds. I don’t consider myself particularly vitriolic and have made many friends including gk members during my time on your servers.

Again, I’m more looking for an explanation for immediate perma bans and understand if you do not feel like I’ve earned forgiveness for my actions. Thank you for your time.
-Regards, Biggie
Nobody knew you were Cute Ruthless Bitch until after you were banned and your PID reappeared on our ban list. We're not targeting you or even keeping a close eye on you hoping you slip up. You were banned right away because you were there when the admin sent several server-wide warnings through admin-all chat over the course of the night and even witnessed him escalating it with with DonaldJTrump (warning, kick, warning, ban), but thought it would be hilarious to rejoin under the name of said player and break the rules. You admitted to this and the admin showed leniency, saying you should know better but that he appreciated the honesty and continued to let you play. Then you did what you did.

Your character/reputation aside, it hasn't even been a month since you were unbanned and for that reason alone, I think it's best you wait a month before appealing. Just do what you did in this appeal and your chances will be great.

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