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  10-19-2018, 06:35 PM

Unban jewlord
Name: *(In game name)* jewlord

Date: *(If you can)* couple days ago (3-20-18) or something
Time: *(If you can)* afternoon
Server: *US_GK_whichServer* us_gk_tdm
Reason: *(Explain your situation)*

idk. i just randomly got permanently banned. I wasn't doing anything bad nor did I say anything remotely bad (at least in the time-frame of the ban. I don't recall saying anything that bad anyways)
i probably got banned for my name, which is odd because I haven't got banned previously for it.
I don't talk to those other people. i dont even recall that happening

btw screw pest he says so much crap anyways
I was on just after it happened and checked at the logs. Lots of bigoted comments against blacks, fuck niggers, etc.

Do a proper appeal, state your rule, wirte a good apology and wait for duty admin to check for priors and determine length
ya no idc that much. people just need to learn how to not care and ignore it

keep banning people no wonder warband is dying
Appeal Closed. Don't bother appealing for a long time.

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