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  10-19-2018, 06:16 PM

Unban Roash_Nug_Brother_Of_Nug_Nug
Name: Roash_Nug_Brother_Of_Nug_Nug
Date: 7 months ago I don't know exactly
Time: No idea
Server: *US_GK_TDM
Reason: About 7 months ago I was being immature and teamhitting/killing. I was warned and did not listen, I was then banned. I really love this server and promise to abide by its rules. I am sorry for what I did.

Thank You
I need you to join our siege server to get your PID because your name isn't in our records.
Thank you for your response. I am currently unable to do that since I am out of town. I can give you some other possible names I may of used Isaiah_Larson EGG_SLOP_ON_TOP egg_slop_on_top

I found your PID. You were retrobanned (shadow-banned offline from the server) because someone reported you for team killing.

Post the rule you broke from our rules list and I will unban you.
Article 1 ~ Team Wounding (TW)/Team Killing (TK) - Attacking teammates, whether or not they are personal friends or clan-mates, is, at all times, forbidden on the servers. Retaliation or revenge is NEVER an excuse. This includes, but is not limited to, dueling at spawn (or anywhere), punching, kicking, hitting, or feigning aggression (i.e. that which is likely to incite others to TW in response or to participate in the same activity - See also Section III, Article 3 ~Trolling).
< a> Retaliation or revenge TW/TK is NEVER permitted. Advise an admin, if one is on. Note, however, that the Admin will not react immediately, based solely upon your declaration. He/she will examine the situation and exercise his/her discretion, based upon their observations. If no admin is available, take a screenshot/video and submit a complaint to the web site.
Unbanned. Have fun.
Appreciate it

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