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  10-19-2018, 06:01 PM

Poll: Life is vaLuable?
Great Lance
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13fswadia *explicit crude cavalry warning
Name of your choice:
In-game Alias: 13fswadia
Time Zone: EST
Age**: at least 10 years older then 13..
Recruited by*: yrmum
Preferred Troop Class*: adaptive cavalry

1. Why do you want to join GK? to keep slayin

2. Do you promise to follow the Golden Code of Conduct? yes I quite respect the rules set in place, so long as my in character banter and occasional lewd/sass hurts your feelings)) hhehe

3. Why does GK stand out to you above the other clans*? everyone knos GK slays hard.. I kno it, yu kno it, everyone fukkin knows it! id be happy to back that up over a few laughs on ts ;)

4. Anything else you would like us to know*? i chat a lot of shit and am compelled to rollplay in character purely for banter/fun/shock value. im not sure how formal the mount and blade commitment is, but if the community is truly so appalled by anything I may say~ this is me on vacation, my apologies are sincere, and I am more then happy to pug under and alternate if the powers would so wish ;D

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Sorry but nothing in this application embodies the spirit of this clan. No.
see yu in pub Wink

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