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  10-18-2018, 10:14 AM

Unban appeal
Name: FelonOnDaRun
Date: No Idea, Had To Be Sometime Yesterday On The 14th
Time: Not Aware
Server: *US_GK_TDM
Reason: No Idea Why I Was Banned I Made Appeal And It Was Closed Can Someone Please Help Me Idk What I Did I Got A Reply That Said Nice Try And Closed, I Was Given No Reason This Is Not Fair Or Right Please Someone Explain To Me Sad
I Love GK Server I Always Do My Best I Never Cause Problems I Talk With The People They Talk To Me We All Have Fun I Dont Know Why Or How This Happened
@Smokey you knew what you were doing was against the server rules AND you did it in front of a admin. Your attempts of bypassing the ban are futile.

easy breezy beautiful
This Is 2nd Time You People Say Smokey Someone Please Explain Why I Am Not Alllowed To Play I Never Change Name Or Do Nothing Wrong I Always Play Felon I Am Long Time Player I Used To Do Scrims Everyone Know Me; I Break No Rule I Join Server And Says I Am Banned What Did I Do!?!?
ok. You have the same IP and registration email as Smokey. Nice try.

Edit: Hijacking comment. There are also at least 3 other ways we have verified it's you. On top of all the BS leading up to this point and then some, you tried to get us to ban an innocent player by claiming to be them on JaXm's stream, all while having the nerve to ask for an unban. -Rhapsodos
Same Ip Same Email??? What Aare You Guys Talking About!??!!? You Think I Am Another Player??? This Is Perposturous HOW Can I Have Same Ip/Email You GUys Ban Me For No Reason And Accuse Me Of Impersonating SOmeone Wtf?!!?!
I Haave Email Hidden From View How Do You Even See It? HOW Do I Have The "Same IP" AS Someone ELse?? This Is Very Frustrating
I Dont Even Have A Twitch Account!!
Bumpin Plz SoMEONE Help Me I;ve Been Playing On EU Almost 3 Days No Reply Sad
Hey My Appeal Un-Answered Several Days Now And I PM Admin No Reply Can Someone Please Help Me? I See Admin Type In Here But My Appeal Only I Have Replied Sad I Got Banned No Reason

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