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  10-18-2018, 10:00 AM

Membership Application
In-game Alias:RussianSocialist
Time ZoneTongueDT
Age: 21

1. I would like to join GK because i have spend a lot of time on your servers and i am willing to help if needed.

2. I promise to follow the Golden Code of Conduct.

3. GK separates itself from other clans by being consistent and professional yet friendly. You appear to be a close-knit group of people
and i would like to be a part of that.

4. I have not been a supporter in Patreon, however i have supported JaXm in his streams financially as well as hosting his channel with my own.
Played with him on m&b for a while and our new The Forest server, he is good.

Never seen him break the rules. /Vouch

easy breezy beautiful
Even the God of War can vouch for a mortal, I see no problems here.

"A good death, is it's own reward."
Denied. Known troll on the stream as he always comes in and is active in chat, Participates in the giveaways and keeps it open for viewer count.

Oh and furthermore, he comes on discord and converses in text AND on voice. Like what the fuck?
it says im a junior member. does that mean im in?
Uhhhh I think that's just the default title for anyone that registers on the forum.

Also in your OP you mentioned a Patreon... GK doesn't have a Patreon, so it's fine that you haven't donated to it.
Going to be getting one setup soon yea
(07-22-2018, 09:38 PM)RussianSocialist Wrote:  it says im a junior member. does that mean im in?

No its a default forum rank for registered users that have their accounts activated.

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[Image: vTvin.png]

Accepted. Prepare for your initiation rites. Bring rope and a sheep, no questions asked.

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