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  10-18-2018, 09:41 AM

My Ban Appeal
Date: 07/30/2018
Time: Around 1:45pm CDT
Server: *US_GK_TDM*
Reason: I was permanently banned after hitting a teammates horse. I was fighting as a Sarranid on the map Battle on Ice versus the Rhodoks. I was fighting an enemy when a horseman ran through our fight. I didn't realize it was a team member and swung as I turned towards the horseman and then hit the horse. I took a second swing and then realized it was a teammate so I tried to turn it into a block and as that happened I was permanently banned with no warning or poll. I know that team wounding and killing is against the rules, as well as killing teammates horses unless they are abandoned as stated in Articles 1 and 4. I am sorry for hitting my teammate's horse and if un-banned will strive as diligent and aware of my in game surroundings to have some good, clean, and fun fights on TDM.

Here are the rules I have broken, thank you in advance for reading over my appeal.

Article 1 ~ Team Wounding (TW)/Team Killing (TK) - Attacking teammates, whether or not they are personal friends or clan-mates, is, at all times, forbidden on the servers. Retaliation or revenge is NEVER an excuse. This includes, but is not limited to, dueling at spawn (or anywhere), punching, kicking, hitting, or feigning aggression (i.e. that which is likely to incite others to TW in response or to participate in the same activity - See also Section III, Article 3 ~Trolling).
< a> Retaliation or revenge TW/TK is NEVER permitted. Advise an admin, if one is on. Note, however, that the Admin will not react immediately, based solely upon your declaration. He/she will examine the situation and exercise his/her discretion, based upon their observations. If no admin is available, take a screenshot/video and submit a complaint to the web site.

Article 4 ~ Vandalism - It is not permitted to break or damage your team's property or equipment. Do not break down your own doors, kill your teammates horses, break your own ballistae/catapults, break your own boats, or otherwise sabotage your own team.
< a> If a teammate's horse is parked in such a position that it can be reasonably assumed to have been abandoned (e.g. before they climb a ladder), the horse becomes fair game.
Unbanned. Have fun.
Thank you!

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