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  10-18-2018, 10:52 AM

Unban Appeal
Name: Finnegan_the_Frog
Date: July something
Time: Don't remember exactly
Server: TDM

Reason: Was permanently banned for calling a friend of mine a faggot. I was on the server very briefly and simply called him a faggot jokingly and was banned on the spot. Is this standard procedure? This is my first offense and I hardly think a permanent ban for calling someone a faggot is justifiable.

Article 1 ~ Inflammatory Comments - As a privately funded and operated server there are limits to "freedom of speech" within chat or in your character naming choices. Racism, sexism, hate speech, or bigotry in the form of comments toward age, religion, ethnic group, sexual orientation is/are forbidden. This includes both names and typed messages.
< a> What is or is not appropriate varies from person to person, and even admin to admin, so, just because something does not get you punished at one point does not mean it will always be so in the future.
The admin who temped banned you was dealing with inflammatory comments, a shitstorm your friend started, at the time and handed out a few warnings, kicks, and temp bans to people before giving one to you because you decided to jump in. Your ban was upgraded to a permanent one because you are a long time regular and should know better. If you didn't, now you do.

This is your first ban, it's been almost a month, and you followed protocols, so with that, you're unbanned. Have fun.

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