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  12-11-2018, 10:38 AM

Script Idea II - Spectator mode
Hello there!!

I was thinking about an extra funcionality for spectator mode.
Too many times I feel the mobility of spectator mode uncomfortable…

For example, I'm following to a player had killed me (like free spectator mode and no locked vision automatically) and when he is climbing a stairs I need to raise my view for follow him!

So, the ideas are like following:
  • Spectator mode allow go up vertically pressing (for example) SPACE key.
  • Spectator mode allow do down vertically pressing (for example) CTRL key.
  • Spectator mode allow make zoom pressing (for exapmple) SHIFT key.
  • Spectator mode allow get slow movement, like a walking, pressing (for example) ALT key.

Its an idea for get a better experience like a spectator, only that!

Sorry my english!

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