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  08-15-2020, 04:18 AM

Visiting Castles in England; Where's Gwae At?
I remember Gwae telling me he lived in Newcastle Upon Tyne, gonna be heading there to see two nearby castles in a few weeks, in Chester now, anyone know if he still frequents here or how to contact him? 

I feel he owes me a pint for the fps drops I struggled with back in the day from his forest map :p 


[Image: 19.jpg]
Did you contact him through steam?
Yeah, I don't know if he visits the forums much anymore but he's on steam quite often. That would be the best bet. His steam name is gwae I believe so search that.

[Image: 19.jpg]

[Image: 1.jpg]

Oh Glorious Theme music I have found you.

A Heartbeat that lasts for eternity. Lives consumed in soundless balls of fire. No one can tell when the world is displaced & the Flames of the Crimson World sweep over all.
I haven't had steam for quite some time. Someone willing to direct here on Steam?

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