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  06-19-2019, 02:47 AM

Ban Appeal
Name: lgbtqallyjohncena1
Date: Dec 24 2018
Time: 6:50ish, Rhodoks vs. Vaegirs
Server: US_GK_TDM

Hit an allied catapult at the very start of a round absentmindedly, and immediately was attacked and killed by a teammate right after. Go on to the play rest of the map normally, and said teammate keeps insulting me and accusing me of griefing. We trade insults throughout, I don't put a lot of thought into it because I'm not doing anything but playing normally. Teammate switches teams to Rhodoks, continues to insult and accuse me of griefing while I'm playing normally and topping the scoreboard, which i repeatedly point out to him to indicate I wasn't even capable of griefing as I was too busy playing the game. A mod (something Bronn? Goblin?) then tells me to stop griefing while I'm in the middle of a fight and at some point I'm banned. Didn't do anything bannable nor did I TK; at worst I insulted said teammate to the extent of calling him dumb (which he was) and threatening to break his catapult (while he was on the enemy team)

That I was banned instead of kicked, and without explanation at that, and purely on the hearsay of a rando lobbying unsubstantiated accusations, also reflects poorly on the judgement and ability of admin who banned me
First of all, Bronn isn't an admin. Second of all, you said a mod told you to stop, so there's your explanation. Finally, it was a temp ban, as your name isn't on our list and the admin who temp banned you wrote it as such. They sat in spectator watching you as you threatening to break your teammate's catapult. The ban will be over soon.
Protip for the future, deflecting accountability is detrimental to the success of your appeal.

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