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  08-24-2019, 10:31 PM

Hans Unban Appeal
Name: I am sure that it is or was Hans (i can give other usernames that I had on the server)
Date: Some time around June or July, likely even May and it was a very long time ago that I had been banned.
Time: I think around 3pm (sorry if I cannot remember it exactly
Server: US_GK_TDM
Reason: Back when I was playing Warband and played on online servers, I usually went onto the GK TDM and thought that I could try it out. As with other games, I have had issues where I would become frustrated under particular conditions. If I was getting killed alot or either raging at others, it would not look good at all for me or for other people. I am sure, so far, in the server, I have gone to extreme extents of cursing out people calling them very bad names, or insulting them horribly. It has gone from simple curses to all out caps lock racist slurs and horrible chain of swear word after swear word. I have been struggling it for a very long time and have been banned (i think i am on second strike IDK though). Sometimes I would do them jokingly but I was out of control and being out of the server for such a long while, I feel that I have been able to keep myself settled, and sometimes not. Having an issue with raging and frustration with computer games and video games, I think that if I could have a second chance at proving myself redeemable, I would not let anyone down. It was very childish to do such a thing even at my age, but improving alongside this server, I think it could help me out a bit. Overall, I have taken a bit from computer games with some of it helping me out and some of it not, but I do it less than before and sometimes a bit more than others, but it was not as crazy as it used to be. I am very sorry again for my extremely childlike behavior and repeating my same mistakes, I feel that a more extreme punishment would be correct. I also used to have issues this Summer as I basically did nothing and spent most of it if not the overall majority of it in my room doing nothing but being on my laptop in the dark which I can say did not brew any positive influence for myself. Thanks for considering either way.

P.S. Not to forget that I broke some other rules as well but not consistently (sometimes polling if I got very frustrated with other players)
Post the rule that you broke and I will unban you.

easy breezy beautiful
Section II: Article I < a> What is or is not appropriate varies from person to person, and even admin to admin, so, just because something does not get you punished at one point does not mean it will always be so in the future.
Unbanned, have fun.

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