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  03-30-2020, 10:26 PM

GK Meeting 1-18-2019 Summary
This meeting was about restructuring GK and discussing future plans. These plans affect most of the servers and applications we're using, with very little affecting TDM.

Warband Servers and Game Modes

GK_Rhapsodos is now officially in charge of GK's Warband servers. Feng, Cow, and RubbingMyAxe are his chief admins. Chief admins handle applications, ban appeals, retro ban request, etc. Anything major must go through JaXm first.

Our Warband servers' resource use is minimal and we can make as many as we want. More game modes will be made, such as CTF and Hunger Games/Battle Royale, and possibly expand to different mods. Despite barely getting used, Siege will stay up as a trophy.

Discord vs Teamspeak Vs Forums
We are officially moving away from TeamSpeak and using Discord as our primary hub. TS will get shutdown as there are only a select few who use it. Much of the clan's activity these past years have taken place on Discord, and as such, if you're not using Discord, you're not keeping up with the community and thus are not considered GK beyond wearing the tags.

GK's Discord will be getting an overhaul. Discord has many channels not being used and will be replaced with potentially active channels. We'll be more organized and will implement bots further down the road. Some bots may include a bot for TDM server and player stats and bots for streamers.

Processes that are normally handled on the forums, such as membership applications and ban appeals, are going to be handled on Discord in the near future. We're also moving away from the forums, although they will remain as an archive to everything that has happened in GK for the past 7-8 years.

GK Membership & Hanging Out at Events
GK's recruitment and application system is revamping. We're doing away with waiting periods and the vouching system to prevent turning potential players away from joining. Instead, there will be a more streamlined and personal approach where GK's leadership will conduct interviews with applicants. Anyone who is able to follow GK's longstanding Code of Conduct (https://www.leagueofrevolution.com/showthread.php?tid=2859) will most likely be offered membership.

There may also be more scheduled events throughout the week to get Discord members to hang out with GKs and get a feel for the clan.

Streaming Services
We have a few streamers in the clan and we'll attempt to increase that number as well as the traffic said streamers garner. These streamers include GK_JaXm and GK_RussianSocialist (https://www.twitch.tv/russiansocialist).
We may also attempt to build a GK Youtube Channel to help with server costs. This channel will consist of highlight clips from all games played within the community and used with the consent of players. Much of building GK's streamers is to prepare for Bannerlord, if and when the game explodes in popularity.

Ark Server, Atlas, and Other Games
Ark is a dying game and many players are burned out. Population for entire game is declining. Nothing will be done about Ark unless someone steps up and builds a community for it. Other than that, it's a waste of resource.

We will attempt to run servers for other games, such as Atlas if people want it. JaXm is who you must ask to get things start. The more servers we build for GK, the better off GK will be as a community.

"GK Bucks" & Etsy store
GK may open an Etsy store and produce merchandise. Merchandise may include a GK clan or a RubbingMyAxe's Face shirt. GK may also implement "GK Bucks", pseudo-digital currency players can turn in for prizes. Not sure if serious.

If you have any questions, talk to GK JaXm.

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