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  08-24-2019, 10:31 PM

Complaint about an admin - 'Feng Po-Po'
I'd like to make a formal complaint about one of the admins I usually encounter on the *US_GK_TDM* server, something I wished I'd never have to do.

Just like most other people, I play this game to have fun. I joke around with the other lads in chat and we have some decent banter, though we never cross the lines and break the rules in our merriment. Feng Po-Po, however, doesn't seem to be able to handle banter on any level. I seem to be his primary target in that he knows he can't ban me so he does everything within his power to destroy my gaming experience. He'll do things like kick me again and again and when he wants to be more subtle he'll mute me indefinitely.

I've been putting off making this complaint for a solid ~2 months because I really do just play this game for the bants but it truly is getting to a point where it's almost not fun to log on anymore.
Of course, though, I understand Feng Po-Po has been with GK for a long time and I'm just a guy who's made his account today so I totally understand that his word has more credit than mine. All I ask is that you have a quick talk with him about dropping the vindictiveness and not taking everything so personally.


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Hello. I just wanted to let you know that we take accusations/complaints about our admins seriously when they are brought to our attention and I will be investigating the logs tonight when they become available. Please wait until then.
Sorry for the delay. From what extra information I've gathered searching through the logs and actually being there myself during the incident, I will tell you Feng's action against you was warranted; in fact, I was the one who ordered the mute. It's one thing to cross the line and another to walk on it. Banter is fine and all, but not when you're encouraging others to walk along that line with you and cause other players to cross it. It is clear that your intentions were definitely to shit-stir others into breaking the rules on your behalf. You are still free to play on the server, as all you've gotten was a mute that will expire with time you spend on the server.

You say you've held this complaint for 2 months, yet as far as I can tell, the name you've played with during the incident is unrecognizable. Perhaps next time for your own benefit towards building a better case, you should list any prominent names you play under.

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