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  07-16-2019, 10:54 PM

Rektum Ban Appeal
Name: Rektum
Date: Like a week or two ago
Time: Not sure
Server: US_GK_TDM
Reason: People were trolling the admin (I think it was Feng) and pushing his limits. I joined in and said "nick gurrs." Sorry I was feeling trolly and meant no harm. Won't do it again.
Post the rule you broke and I will unban you.

easy breezy beautiful
Article 1 ~ Inflammatory Comments - As a privately funded and operated server there are limits to "freedom of speech" within chat or in your character naming choices. Racism, sexism, hate speech, or bigotry in the form of comments toward age, religion, ethnic group, sexual orientation is/are forbidden. This includes both names and typed messages.

easy breezy beautiful

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