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  07-16-2019, 10:49 PM

Applicant for Ninja
Application for NinjaBioHazard
In-game Alias: Kradus
Time Zone: GMT
Recruited by*: Feng
Preferred Troop Class*: Infantry

1. Why do you want to join GK?
I enjoy your servers, one of the few populated servers that i have good ping on. I like the staff and been playing on these servers for quite awhile now.

2. Do you promise to follow the Golden Code of Conduct?

3. Why does GK stand out to you above the other clans*?
I feel this clan is one of the more well known clans in native. It stands out with their "GKmod" it basically being free dlc for warband its adds alot more useful items to native multiplayer.

4. Anything else you would like us to know?
I've been playing this game for years, Im not the best at the game but decent. I come from a small indie game called "pirates, vikings, and knights II" similar game to warband except this is more popular and somewhat well known. I found this game better and the gk mod adds alot more to this game which makes the multiplayer experience better. I don't really talk in warband unless needed to, I'm also friendly and quiet.

easy breezy beautiful
Le Vouch
Vouch !
Please join us on discord so we can proceed to the next step.


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