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  07-16-2019, 11:12 PM

Greetings fellow knights long time no see,

Nice to see GK still alive after all these years but I'm guessing you get this questions a lot: WHAT happened to SIEGE? ( I have some suggestions you can take or discard)

#1- Not sure what your scheduling is like for events and such, but maybe it wouldn't hurt to increase that Friday night siege event to three times a week instead of once a week. I was fortunate enough to participate last Friday and had a nostalgic blast. #2- A bolder suggestion would be to have TDM available throughout the day and enable siege around 8 PM every evening of the week. It Wouldn't hurt to test it and see what people think especially of the second suggestion.

Liked what you've done with NEO GK, although I must say: Not a fan of those piles of sticks that make your character glitch out when you pass through them.

Good to see some OGs like Marquis, Zealots and derpy still playing but it begs the question where are some other OGs like Odo and Chainsawpunisher?

See you guys in TDM Big Grin

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Odo and chainsaw are still around, they just play WoW on GK ts with a few of the older "OGs"
If you're looking for where we chat these days, most of it is on the Discord.

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I don't know that Odo and Chain play WoW, but they do play WoT and DnD with me.
(01-30-2019, 11:02 PM)Derpy Wrote:  I don't know that Odo and Chain play WoW, but they do play WoT and DnD with me.

Meant to say WoT, not WoW my bad there.
Heya Chewy, been nice to see you and PhoenixGold around, its been a nostalgia blast for me as well. People rotate through, and as Derpy said your best chance to encounter OGs will be in the GK discord.

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It's nice to see older faces too, chewie. Same with phoenix.

The thing with TDM is people play that for that game mode, yea people rave about wanting Siege and such, but no one wants to deal with the task of populating the siege server to begin with which causes people to not join etc. It's been populated many times awhile back, but no one wants to try and keep repopulating night after night.

The thing with the barricades is, it only glitches you through when it's being placed, after that you need to jump over them or break them and such.
Yeah, The Siege server is still up in fact. So if people want to play and populate the server, all they have to do is hop on it. While on TDM a weekly siege event can be a good way to break up the TDM grind for something different occasionally, which is never a bad thing. I don't think pushing more siege events would be enjoyable to most of the people who play TDM. While there is a vocal section of the TDM population ranting for siege, I'm pretty sure there is an equal or greater portion of the TDM population that doesn't want to play siege.

So short end, if People want to play Siege, all they have to do is populate the server once again.

Aside from that, It's good to see some old players returning and enjoying the servers once again, whether TDM or Siege.

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