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  07-16-2019, 10:57 PM

Unbann please
Name: Kairos (or Pendragon at the time)
Date: Feb 1 2019 (I think)
Time: 1:00 PM ish? (I think)
Server: US_GK_TDM
Reason: I called some archers "Bitches" and was shit talking. Admin Malakhai or something I dont remember name kicked me. I came back and was muted and he said " do you know why u were kicked" I obviously couldnt respond and he said "Its because I dont want anyone to be mean here. You are not allowed to be rude" I did not break a single rule. I was talking shit (which happens daily on gk) and is not part of the rules on the server. and this admin got but hurt and kicked/muted me and then banned after I left I suppose. I only realised when I came back today I was banned so I assume it was from that.
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Malakai didn't ban you. I did. You've been warned and muted before and obviously know about the filters because you bypass them. I guess they didn't sink in. Please wait a week from today to try again.
It seems to me you're just not getting it or maybe you're purposefully leaving out the real reason behind your ban to seem like a victim. I responded to your ban appeal and I'm the only one who can unban you at this point.

You are banned for repeatedly bypassing inflammatory language filters over the course of your play time on our server, enough to land you on our watch list. They're in place for a reason and ignorance is no excuse as the filters tell you why your message was blocked. Despite this awareness, you kept deciding to bypass them. You didn't get banned for "being mean and talking shit". Please stop asking other admins for an "under the table" unbanning. If any more GKs come to me about you trying to get them to unban you, I'm going to be extending the waiting period.

By the way, brown-nosing isn't a requirement to getting unbanned, but insolence doesn't help your case at all.
I broke the rule Section II; Speech on the Servers. Article 1 ~ Inflammatory Comments
Is this what you are asking for?
Yes. Unbanned. Have fun.

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