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  07-16-2019, 10:24 PM

Unban Appeal frownyface
Name: frownyface
Date: February 3rd 2019
Time: approx 3:25 P.M. Pacific Standard Time (not off more than ~12 min. plus or minus)
Server: US_GK_TDM
Reason: I think I got banned because I was talking about race on the server, from what I can tell it was because I said something like, "Are we done talking about race?" After an admin (I don't remember which one) said, (not verbatim) "This conversation is over." in reference to people talking about race. I assume I didn't get banned because earlier on a previous map a player had a name, "Dumb_Mick." Which I didn't understand to be a racist allusion to Irish people, which another player (not a GK member) said it was. I think I used the word mick in chat when I asked if it was a racist slur. Although maybe the admin felt this thing about the mick comment wasn't the cause of the ban but part of the reason why the other comments resulted in a ban. Likewise, later on during the second map close to when the ban happened I made a comment about how I doubt a democrat will beat Trump in the 2020 general election, again I assume this wasn't the cause of the ban, but perhaps it was a factor that weighed on the admin that did it.

If I got banned because I made a comment, "Yes you should feel bad." (again, not verbatim) to another player, maybe an admin thought I was talking about race in some way when I made that comment, but it had nothing to do with that conversation about race, the player asked if he should feel bad for letting his teammates get killed to take the kills of the wounded enemy players to receive gold. I suspect this is not the reason why I got banned but in case it was I wanted to mention it here.

In general I am sorry that I kept talking about race even though I knew I wasn't supposed to, I will be more careful not to engage in that topic (especially considering an admin just said he wanted us to stop talking about it.)
You have a nice server that I like playing on, sorry that I caused trouble for the server.

Also I want to mention that I do not know how old your server is, it is possible that I have played on your server (or another GK server) years ago and received a ban. I remember that I got banned from at least one or two servers, maybe your server was one. If that did happen I don't remember if it was temp or perma, I think I had some interactions with some of the Rebels like Courtney, maybe that caused something bad. Again, if this happened at all, it happened more than six years ago and I don't even remember. If this isn't my first ban will the other ban from years ago count against me?

easy breezy beautiful
US_GK_Siege might have been the server. It's still up, but hardly gets played anymore. Have fun.

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