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  07-16-2019, 11:16 PM

Unban me
Alright i got on this strange website and navigated to these forums for your super serious system you want to play around with. Banning me for slapping an admin once? I cannot believe the shit quality gk lets its admins get too that i get banned for that.

Name: Cahzinar
Date: 2/4/2019
Time: *(4 hours ago
Server: *US_GK_TDM
Reason: I was banned for fist slapping a team mate admin in disguise. This guy is undercover looking for some naughty players and i get that but this is the equivilent of the cop getting riled up because he saw a guy jaywalking. Slapping team players is friendly gesture and does 0 if not 1 damage, and i only did 1 slap. I have had other friendly players literally come and do like 10 slaps and i dont even care why does this admin care about 1? Especially to ban over it? I understand Gk has had some new admins come in and this quality drop seems to be the result i have played months on this server without causing any bs. I feel this is more of a hurt ego than banning a troll some of yall take symbolism too far in the game and end up crying when some dude corpse kicks have alittle fun jesus christ.

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