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  07-16-2019, 10:36 PM

Banned for no reason
Alright i got on this strange website and navigated to these forums for your super serious system you want to play around with. Banning me for slapping an admin once? I cannot believe the shit quality gk lets its admins get too that i get banned for that.

Name: Cahzinar
Date: 2/4/2019
Time: *(4 hours ago
Server: *US_GK_TDM
Reason: I was banned for fist slapping a team mate admin in disguise. This guy is undercover looking for some naughty players and i get that but this is the equivilent of the cop getting riled up because he saw a guy jaywalking. Slapping team players is friendly gesture and does 0 if not 1 damage, and i only did 1 slap. I have had other friendly players literally come and do like 10 slaps and i dont even care why does this admin care about 1? Especially to ban over it? I understand Gk has had some new admins come in and this quality drop seems to be the result i have played months on this server without causing any bs. I feel this is more of a hurt ego than banning a troll some of yall take symbolism too far in the game and end up crying when some dude corpse kicks have alittle fun jesus christ.
55 minutes and still no reply? Id have trouble bullshitting around a ban over this as well.
Well, nobody was replying because Feng said he'd deal with it. If you want a response, then I'll give you one. Your appeal is denied. Don't bother appealing again until a week from today. Honestly, what you did and got out of it was up for debate and I don't necessarily agree with it and may have been lenient towards you had I been overseeing the circumstances leading up to your ban. This is just me though, and how you conducted yourself in your appeals and your attitude, however, just made everything worse for you.

Don't do anything else to make it worse.

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