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  07-16-2019, 11:26 PM

Rhapsodos immaturity and failure
18 minutes ago (This post was last modified: 5 minutes ago by Rhapsodos.)
Well, nobody was replying because Feng said he'd deal with it. If you want a response, then I'll give you one. Your appeal is denied. Don't bother appealing again until a week from today. Honestly, what you did and got out of it was up for debate and I don't necessarily agree with it and may have been lenient towards you had I been overseeing the circumstances leading up to your ban. This is just me though, and how you conducted yourself in your appeals and your attitude, however, just made everything worse for you.

Don't do anything else to make it worse.

waa dont swear around me ill ban you from my server hahaha!

Dude, grow up.

How i conducted myself? One of your admins made a fool of themselves. Your response is slow and the ban unwarented. You just want to feel powerful so do over a video game thats why you have these professional looking forums and your fancy rank system to make you feel better than everyone. I always knew gk was a sack of shit but this just nails it. Goodluck come bannerlord when you wont have the relevancy of a complete absense of competition to force players to join your server.

Your honestly pathetic and i laugh imagining what you are in real life.
rhap's response just reminds me of darth vader going "pray i don't alter the deal any further" and here you are being dumb. 10/10.
Damn man. I was actually trying to help you. Oh well.
You know what I find pathetic Rhapsodos? Is that after coming home from all the bullshit and to get on and play a game and you all have me come hear to these forums to jerk you off or whatever and you expect me to come and treat you like an old friend? You turned gaming into this shitshow over a slap with friendly intentions in game. I understand some of you have no power in real life and really feel the need to demonstrate it here but it wont be me you cum into your hand tonight reminiscing about.
What? Treat me like an old friend? I know next to nothing about you except that you regularly play on TDM, which is why I was willing to be lenient because this is the first time anything has ever happened with you in your entire time playing on our server. I didn't ban you for slapping me.

You say I'm acting all powerful here because my real life sucks, but I'm not the one projecting my anger over video games and doing my best to "stick it to the man" over an online forum. "After coming home from all the bullshit", your exact words, says as much.

Nobody has to jerk anyone off to get unbanned, but I will never understand why people think acting like an impudent fool on our home turf should get rewarded.
Amazing, I only skimmed the post. But I see you throwing insults like GK being shit and admins needing to grow up and power tripping. You mentioned working. It seems to me you're the one who needs to take your own advice to grow up. We aren't a company with customer support you are paying for. I get you might be a little angry over your ban but the gist of what people are trying to tell you is if you have a problem you don't come in calling everyone shit and pathetic then go "oh by the way remove my ban." 

Stop projecting, calm down, if you have a grievance with a particular admin action explain it. Reports on admins are taken seriously and get looked into, but coming and insulting everyone while demanding we do something for you isn't the way to go about it.

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Oh Glorious Theme music I have found you.

A Heartbeat that lasts for eternity. Lives consumed in soundless balls of fire. No one can tell when the world is displaced & the Flames of the Crimson World sweep over all.
Dont disagree with my origonal sentiments but damn you guys pissed me off here. Yeah i was agressive but you would be too if you were banned for no reason. Imagine you go home stressed out try and get on a video game and instead these dudes are trying to have a discussion about slapping friendly admins with you instead.

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