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  08-21-2019, 06:18 PM

call me serj haha
banned idk why was just chillin and eating food 

[Image: XeSWhCq.png]
You and wK_Achilles were using glitches to gain advantages against other players. I watched you two kill people from inside a house you horse-glitched in on Reveran Village; while doing this, you guys even gloated like typical Saturday morning cartoon villains about how nobody knew the ins and outs of the game like you guys do. Copy-paste the rule you broke and I will unban you.
Article 3 ~ Glitching/Exploiting - Stabbing/Slashing through doors, or otherwise glitching/exploiting the maps or doors is not allowed. 

< a> The exception to this is shooting/stabbing a pole weapon through a 'Viking style' door (with a grid like a #).

didnt know it was this punishable was just having a little bit of fun. 
Unbanned. Have fun.

easy breezy beautiful

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