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  02-20-2020, 05:49 PM

Please limit building
So, for several nights in a row, HDN_Sir_Nigel and HDN_Edgtho have been building crap upon crap, hampering their team.

In the latest installment tonigth (c.10 PM EST), in an underwater scenario, they set about building multiple layers to blockade teammates that spawned in one of the houses. They teammates were stuck, and they kept building crap to block them there. I and others tried to break them down, but they kept building them faster. I appealed for an admin, but apparently none was present.

A few minutes later GK_Orc_Battlemaster_Bronn showed up. I complained, but to no effect. HDN_Sir_Nigel & HDN_Edgtho (& a pal who was also shitbuilding on that map, Biscuitsticks) decided to deny it and bait me.

This is not the first time they've done this. They do it every time that map shows up. And whenever they can block passageways, etc. on other maps they do so too.

Anyway, I've had enough. I've taken to quitting the server whenever shitbuilders (specifically HDN_Sir_Nigel & Edgtho) are present on the server. They clutter the scene entirely with needless buildings, blocking passageways, trapping people in spawnpoints, etc.

I understand the benefits of adding building occasionally, but you didn't consider how trolls might use it.

Given that it is unlikely to police such behavior, I'd like to request that at least some upper limit be placed on building, so that player don't build too excessively and use buildings to troll teammates.

I'd sincerely like to believe this will get consideration. The response to my first appeal to the admins present on GK server didn't elicit much hope it would be addressed. But hopefully it might get some attention here.

Thank you.
Well, I could cut the limit in half and double price, so they're less spammable.
You can get admins fast by using the report-here channel on our discord. Please post screenshots as well to help. The link to the discord is: discord.gkserver.us

You put it in any browser google chrome etc.

easy breezy beautiful
Well, HDN_Sir_Nigel & HDN_Edgtho are back tonight, and troll building again.

I've pretty much had enough.  I'm tired of quitting the server whenever the shit-building begins.  And these two take it over the top to purposely troll.

I have had a good mind to contribute to GK financially, but until limits on building are instituted, the incentive is very low.
Well did you do what feng told you to do? Doesn't look like it. nor are there any new pictures here.

Logs don't help us with this as it doesn't show up. Provide us screenshots or a video of them doing it and we can handle it. If you fail to do so, not much we can do.

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