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  09-16-2019, 06:37 PM

[TDM] Zerzura by Leewong
Map Name:  
Zerzura by Leewong

Leewong aka resignator

.sco File:

.sco   scn_multi_zerzura.sco (Size: 148.32 KB / Downloads: 0)
Mirror: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6wezoebe2ynvnag/scn_multi_zerzura.sco/file Last update:9/7/19

Terrain Code and Background:
scn_multi_zerzura multi_zerzura 256 none none 0.000000 0.000000 100.000000 100.000000 -100.000000 0x00000000500072470004acdf000038a7000042a300005436

Brief Description:
A legendary 'City of Dionysus' lost in the desert sands.

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Colour me intrigued!
(03-22-2019, 07:06 PM)Battlemaster Bronn Wrote:  Colour me intrigued!

Zerzura was thought to be 5 or 6 days west from Farafra but no-one could find it. Even the generally level-headed were seduced by the prospect of finding the fabled oasis. All the respected explorers of the time had their own theory about it's location. The Rhodocks were convinced it lay to the west of Dakhla, the Swads thought it was in the Gilf Kebir itself.

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Small update. Added some cover and moved spawns around to make it more interesting.

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