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  09-16-2019, 06:17 PM

DnD Exile III: Empire Strikes Back; the Revenging
The Campaign is 5e, any books are fine, no UA.

Recently, our first campaign has drawn to a close and soon another campaign will begin. As with our last campaign it will start at level one. Right now I'm thinking of using the point buy system again, but if people feel strongly about rolling I'm open to whatever people want, and they can roll on the map-tools server for their character. Building off things I learned in this past campaign there will be a couple of homebrew rules and variations to basic rules.

homebrew rules: Show

a quick recap: Show

Your player has several options. Every race in the PHB is available, in addition Nephilim (Gnolls) and Slithzerikai (Lizardfolk) are allowed as player choices. Evil is not allowed as an alignment. Everyone other other then Sliths have the option of choosing between being surface born and exiled, or being a native to the caves who was born there. All Slith are native to the caves. It is up to the player whether their character volunteered for military service or was conscripted, but every character is currently a member of the Avernum Army. The party assembled at Formello, before marching to Ft. Ganrick, where the campaign will begin.

If you require knowledge of places in the world, surface or underground, to write a background any request for information will be answered. I'll include a small atlas in the next post with basic knowledge.

Further details I would like on characters: Show

Session zero will be on March 31, 6pm EST. We meet on a TS3 server, so that is required. Maptools is also required, as it is what we use for the game itself; D&D 5e.

TS3 link;
MapTools Link;
https://www.rptools.net/downloadsw/   (click on 'MapTool' and it will open some options for download. we use version , it should be the top option if you have windows, mac and linux are further down)

Feel free to contact me on the forum, or on discord (discord.gkserver.us) if you don't have a forum account.
Atlas Post
map of avernum: Show

surface: Show

underground: Show
Reserved. In case.
As I've stated on Friday, I've sent a PM about stuff.

Also, I've rolled up my new character already (Using rolls.) I'm not OP, if you like I can present you my Stats, if you do not like how they came out I can reroll them during the session.

[Image: 19.jpg]

[Image: 1.jpg]

Oh Glorious Theme music I have found you.

A Heartbeat that lasts for eternity. Lives consumed in soundless balls of fire. No one can tell when the world is displaced & the Flames of the Crimson World sweep over all.
Apologies but is this like classic DnD? Mind if I listen in on the session? Maybe eventually join in?

[Image: 4.jpg]
So many questions Santa ;p

easy breezy beautiful
Quote:Apologies but is this like classic DnD? Mind if I listen in on the session? Maybe eventually join in?

I don't know what differences there are between ADD and 5e D&D, to be honest. All the general rules can be found in the 5e PHB (player handbook), a quick google search can get you a pdf of it. You can listen in if you want and it is open for people to join for a while.
It went well; a couple people who had expressed interest did not show up, however. I just want to make it clear, if you are still interested next session is;
---Sunday, April 7th, 6pm EST.

People are welcome to check it out without playing or to join in, but without maptools (link in OP) there is nothing to watch or do.
Name(forum/discord name is fine): Bronn/Valtyr
Character Name: Varin Tomekeeper
Character Class: Wild Magic Sorcerer
What your Character has been sent to Avernum for/or If they were born there*: Sent to Avernum as a result of lesser thievery.
A brief history of your character**:
- From Solaria in Eastern Pralgrad of the Empire.
- Exiled from Solaria for lesser thievery of tomes, Varin was sent to Avernum as punishment.
- Former researcher for arcane practitioners. Always claimed that what magicks he knows came from picking up bits of information in his research for others.
Something your character fears***: Deep waters and The Anama and public demonization of magicks.
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