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  09-21-2020, 09:13 AM

Ban Appeal
Name: uefe (I think that's right i don't even know)
Date: 3/24/2019
Time: 1:25
Server: US_GK_TDM
Reason: I was breaking some barricades because they were in the way and because they were built by an admin i guess they got mad and decided to ban me for breaking them without reason
Broken Rule(s): Breaking barricades that I could have gone around i guess (but not really when people with xbows are spamming in the small gap that was left open)
Side note: I have been playing only on this server when there are people in it and I never broke the rules. there was no warning either when they kicked me and i came back nobody told me anything then i was banned
It was a temporary ban.

easy breezy beautiful
How long is it for? So I can plan my time accordingly
1 hour. They weren't in your way. There was a clear path everyone else used to navigate them, you just broke them because you didn't care. It's against the rules breaking teammate barricades.
I didn't see And I do care I never broken any rules before why would I start now? The was an archer the behind the barricades near the steps when i came back and got banned my mistake though sorry for the inconvenience hopefully won't happen again.

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