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  12-06-2019, 02:40 AM

Questionable Muting?
Wednesday, March 27. Between 8pm and 9m EST.
Some player constantly baits the server demanding the server to be racist.
Feng repeatedly tells chat to chill which this player ignores.
I try to change the subject and get muted while that player continues, after 3 rounds I get muted again even though the first mute was without warning or explanation.

What I said: "Is it more appropiate to say Deus Vult or Allah Ackbar?"
This was to start a historical discussion which would show diverse perspectives. This is not explicitly against any rule and ironically my only interest in starting the discussion was to change the subject a player was trying to incite.

Just have to wonder what's the deal ya know? I didn't disclose any names but Feng to protect their identity but I went by "Ippo" (from the anime Hajime no Ippo).


It's almost harvesting season
You say you posed your question in an attempt to change the subject a player was trying to incite, but all I can see in the minute prior to asking your question were regulars talking about the word "lame". Furthermore, you went after Emie pretty hard about their opinion on the topic even when they disengaged by following instructions to cease the discussion by admins, but not without getting your several digs in at GK, right? Of course, you didn't get apprehended for that tidbit. I'm just saying.

Based on your earlier conversations on the server, the admins picked up on your attempt to stir the pot and stopped you. Done and done.

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