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  12-06-2019, 02:41 AM

Questionable Thread Closing?
I posted a thread that was closed recently. Got an extremely biased, cherry picked response. Just wonder what's up with that? No chance to respond just "well after reading logs I've decided to take someone else's side based on nothing".

Pretty weird thing to do.

It's almost harvesting season
Which ironically ignored the point of the thread lol

It's almost harvesting season
It was closed because the case was solved. You wanted to know why you got muted and I told you. Just because it wasn’t in your favor doesn’t mean it was cherrypicked or biased. The facts are you lied about attempting to change the subject to prevent someone from “inciting”, but that’s just a cover up for you trying to stir shit on the server because nobody had said anything that could be seen as “inciting”.

Now knowing that Ippo was you makes sense, considering all of your concern trolling threads in the past. I don’t have the tolerance for your bullshit like all of those other admins in the past and I’m going to shut it down.
Except you never explained why I got muted twice and kicked over something that didn't break the rules. And I did not lie about trying to change the subject, I was moving away from Emie's race baiting.

You can call me a troll if you want makes no difference.

It's almost harvesting season
The admin who muted you the second time confirmed to me that it was a mistake. As for the kick, maybe mention it the first time around and I'll address it. Two admins were handling you simultaneously and both chose different actions in that instance. When you came back, it was just that one admin from then on.

Emie had already stopped. You kept going after them. As I said before, nobody said anything 1 minute prior to your question other than talking about the word "lame". I'm sure it was much longer as going back 1 minute was all I had the patience for when reading our cluttered logs.

Done and done.

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