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  04-22-2019, 04:58 AM

Non-Rotation maps on Wednesday 8pm EST
In an effort to diversify some of the maps on TDM, and when applicable to test new maps; starting April 10th I will be doing 3 non-rotation maps. It'll start at 8pm EST and go until the 3 maps are done. Map makers can request one, per week, of their maps be used in this thread; or send me a message on discord. Requests will be done first come first served.

Generally I will pick several maps that are not in rotation, give them a once over off the server to see if there are any obvious problems, then pick three for use on Wednesday. Requests will bumped to the top of this process.
Cool beans. I will prob be pestering you next Wed. Smile

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Seemed like the population liked seeing some of the older maps; even if they were not optimized for TDM. Generally not great if they were put on rotation, but alright as rare one-offs. They don't get people into the fight fast enough for the average TDM player. Thanks to Sparkygravity for his help and observations.
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Once again, thanks to Sparkygravity for help and observations; you can find his notes on GK discord in the warband channel.
4/17/19: Show

Remember, if you made a map and want it played you can request it here, PMing me on this forum or on discord.
Just copy/pasting from discord
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