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  01-19-2020, 07:11 AM

THis is F*cking admin abuse

the asshole hits me for 14 damage. i hit him back for 1 and he bans me.

the loser plays as a blonde long hair female.

WTF Is this guys?!?! DOnt abuse your powers ffs.
Ok, so.

1. The person who banned you was not the person you hit, we do spec people.
2. It is against the rules to hit people back.
3. This is your fourth unban appeal on the forums in under 6 months.
4. So you really should know the rules by now.
5. I might be jumping the gun a little but you are pretty much denied at this time. You can try again in 2-weeks to a month.
Shame on you, bro.

The only server that's up and this is the bullshit players have to contend with,

Bunch of kids abusing admin powers. Fucking pathetic.
I left the door open for the more dedicated chief admins to give a different decision. One of them has expressed interest in reviewing more deeply than I have. If they come to a different decision they will let you know. Again, I would point out the admin who reported banning you does not match your description.
I appreciate that, and I do apologize for sounding rude, but the frustration level is through the roof. It happened immediately after I retaliated against a long blonde hair female with GK in their name tag. I guess I'll wait and see what happens.

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