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  08-07-2020, 03:10 PM

Togus Ban appeal
So ill make this plain and simple

I was playing Us GK Tdm With the username as:Blood_Slave_Togus_Oneyed

I was playing like any other random days and I hear the admins spam no spoil (intended at the movie Avengers Endgame)
So you know me I spoil it in a joke I say --In the movie Avengers Engame **BATMAN** dies--
the only thing is that Batman is in DC Comics and not actually in Marvel so theres no way he died,I watched the movie too and I can tell you there was no Batman dead

Please Educate your admins in Marvels heroes and story

I am currently permenantly Banned waiting on that Unban
[Yesterday, 7:16 PM]TogusTheToad:]
keep me banned its not like ill ever come back play this shit game again

I presume you changed your mind about this?

easy breezy beautiful
Yah I was just trying to act cool.You need some Marvel education though
(05-01-2019, 09:36 PM)Togus Wrote:  I am currently permenantly Banned waiting on that Unban

You can post the rule you broke and wait some more on that unban.

easy breezy beautiful
I didn't break any rules and if I did tell me which one I broke.
Or just don't respond to me because you know im right Smile
Article 4 ~ Admin Discretion - If, for any reason, an admin feels that it is necessary to remove a player from the server, despite the fact that an above mentioned rule has not been broken, they may do so at their own discretion.
< a> If a player feels that an admin has abused their authority, they may PM a Chief Admin with complete details (i.e. name of admin, what they did, why you felt it was wrong). HOWEVER Issues like 'I was banned because a badmin didn't like me dueling with teammates at spawn, and was too harsh, he should no longer be admin' will be ignored.

easy breezy beautiful

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