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  07-20-2019, 03:19 AM

ban appeal
Name: Gudboi
Server: US_GK_TDM
I was ban evading because I didn't feel I deserved the original ban. I know you guys are ban happy now and I'll play legit.

Article 3 ~ Trolling - 'Trolling', defined as significantly and/or intentionally disrupting player(s) from game play on the server and/or significantly and/or intentionally attempting to disrupt the admin(s) from executing their duties. Such activities are not allowed.
I know I shouldn't have ban evaded but while I was ban evading I wasn't breaking any other rules and was playing legitimately, and I think the only reason I was banned again was because someone else was teamwounding me and when feng pulled us both aside he must've noticed my ip was on a list or something.
This will be your last chance. I will unban one PID.

Unbanned. Have fun.

easy breezy beautiful

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