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  07-03-2020, 03:52 PM

Ban Appeal 7 - Duckie_Tinadel
Name: Duckie_Tinadel

Date: 9/9/19 - 9/10/19
Time: Late afternoon
Server: US_GK_TDM
Reason: I team killed someone named Rip on accident. Then he attacked me when he spawned again. And then we had a consensual team killing off. The map changed and we continued to slashing at each other. I ended up killing him more than he killed me. Despite the fact that he was blatantly attacking me I was banned because I killed him more than he killed me. Even though he did not report me I was banned because the administrator used his discretion without asking any questions or analyzing the situation.
Broken Rule(s): Team wounding.
Here's the analysis for situation:

You accidentally team hit Rip while fighting Brienne and get him killed. This makes him mad and call you a dumbass and, for some reason, you thinks it means consensual team killing. He respawns, but doesn't attack you like you claim he did. You actually started it. He retaliates, which he shouldn't have, but only does so twice for 0 and 1 damage each as opposed to the several 12-16 damage. You say "come on pussy" like you're egging him to draw his weapon and actually fight back. The next map starts. Nothing happens for 30 seconds until you find him again and team hit him to death and tell him "step down f ag". He didn't retaliate this time and calls you out for doing it on purpose when he respawns. About a minute and a half later, you tell him "don't let me find you". I guess you found him because you TKed him again.

Somebody reported this situation to our discord channel, so stop saying nobody did. They also reported you for inflammatory language, which you were able to type out because you bypassed our chat filters that warn you when you try to type out the word in its original spelling, evident by the fact that you spaced out "f ag".

Spoiler: Show

You're appeal as of now is undecided because I want to hear what you have to say for yourself now that you're bullshit has been called out. Don't worry because I won't make you say ""please let me suck your wiener." to get unbanned.
I said it the may I remembered it. If you have the logs and still haven't banned Rip then there's a problem
If you want me to apologize I will. I just want to be able to play with my friends again. I perform better than most players on the server which means you can trust that this is a one time situation that will not repeat itself. Quite the vulgar language for an administrator I must say... My defense is that I would prefer to continue playing on the death match and bringing death if that means I can no longer have occasional team killing fun then I will take it. I'm not sure what else you would ask from me.
Good enough for me. Unbanned and have fun.
Thank you.

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