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  07-07-2020, 03:55 PM

Ban Appeal - Duckie Tinadel (Episode 8)
Name: Duckie_Tinadel

Date: 2/11/2020
Time: -
Server: US_GK_TDM
Reason: Chieftan_Bjorn hit me in the back and stunned me causing me to die; I was indignant because I was trying to kill someone that was denouncing my skills. When I spawned back in I searched for him and team hit him to punish him for his fatuous clumsy attack. Foolishly, he attempted to defend himself and resolved to defy my warning by attacking me back. After our brawl attracted too much attention I left it because I hit him more than he hit me, reminding him where his place is. Soon after, he threw an axe in my back intentionally which almost killed me; I had enough so I made quick work of him afterward, killing him without delay.
Broken Rule(s): Team wounding.
Concession: I am sorry for disrespecting the rules of the server again I had a bad day and I needed to release pent up anger I should not have been on TDM. Please accept this appeal and unban me at once; I have proven that I can control myself.

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Hi. I'm aware of your conversation with Feng and there was a part you seemed to have misunderstood. You weren't banned for bypassing your ban, but for bypassing inflammatory speech filters. You had called someone a faggot on two separate occasions the day you were banned. You spelled them both like fa.ggot because you are very much aware that if you attempt to type it normally, you should see this message: "Your message has been blocked for inflammatory language." The admin who banned you did so on the basis that you should have known better given all the years you've played on GK servers. What's more, several months ago, Feng had reported to me that you were bypassing inflammatory speech filters and I gave him instructions to tell you not to do it again and that this was your only warning.

Concerning your team killing story, you say you have proven you can control yourself, but if you could, you would not have instigated that whole incident against what was probably an accidental team hit. Thank you for the self-incriminating story though. Originally, I had planned to use it to extend your ban because you were being much more of a troublemaker than it appeared at first, but then we've caught you circumventing your bans on several other PIDs and it seemed more appropriate to just ban you for life. However, I think it would be much more satisfying to see you write an actually serious appeal where you aren't snarky, being edgy, throwing not-so-subtle jabs, or acting like a meme lord cartoon villain.

So there you have it. You want to be unbanned? That's what you have to do. Or don't since Bannerlord is around the corner and we'll never have to deal with each other again. You'll remain banned otherwise and if you keep bypassing your bans, we'll keep catching you because you are just that predictable.

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